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Closed Hood of Paper Machine

Description of Closed Hood of Paper Machine:

This closed hood for paper machine is mainly utilized in paper mills.
It is a special designed drying and ventilation system used to save steam, and promote the internal environment of paper equipment. And this closed hood of paper machine features low noises.

Features :
1. The top wallboard of this closed hood of paper machien is designed with sandwich structure, and its special connection structure removes thermal bridges inside the hood, in which way the thermal preservation capacity of the hood is improved.

2. The temperature of the exhaust air from this closed hood for paper machine can be as high as 82℃~85℃, and the dew point can be up to 58.5℃ ~ 62℃.

3. Special designed lifting and protection mechanism enable its lifting door to work stably, reliably, and safely.

4. According to the changes of ventilation parameters, the control system of the closed hood of paper machine can carry out automatic control of elements like dew points, zero points, temperature, and speed, so as to ensure the paper machine in optimum operating conditions.

5. The demountable modular structure is employed for the whole hood.

6. The size of its each panel is maximized to vastly decrease the sealing area. And there is no patchwork in the inner sheets of plates.

7. The connection lines between the internal sheets and aluminum frames are tightly sealed by specially designed aluminum profiles and sealing materials, so as to prevent damp air from entering into the insulation materials. And the chosen sealing materials are resistant to temperature and aging.

8. Its roof panels have been reinforced to make it possible for men to walk on.

9. The hood framework is made of carbon steel whose surfaces are treated by sand blasting so as to reach the level of Sa2.5 before coated with temperature-resistant paint.

10. The outer aluminum waving sheets of the closed hood are coated and filmed.

11. Made of surface-coated aluminum sheets and electrophoresis aluminum profiles, its tender-side lifting doors, driving-side sliding doors, and hinged swinging doors have features of attractive appearances, flexibility, convenience and security. Designed with tenon structure, these doors have no welding mark, rivet or bolt in their appearances.

12. Its window glass consists of two layers of toughened glasses and a layer of vacuum intermediate.

13. The 240V metal halogenated lamps in its lighting system are high-temperature resistant and explosion proof.

14. Inside the hood, roll maintenance device and hot air blow boxes at the ends of hoods, there are sprinkler systems to guarantee the multiple functions of the closed hood.

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