Centrifugal Fan

1. 4-72 and 4-68 Series Centrifugal Fans:
The 4-72 and 4-68 series centrifugal fans are suitable for the general ventilation applications. And their blades are airfoil-shaped; the diameter of blade wheel ranges from 280mm to 2000mm; its air volume can be as much as 220000m3/h; its total pressure can be up to 3000Pa.

2. 9-19 and 9-26 Series Centrifugal Fans:
The 9-19 and 9-26 series centrifugal fans are mainly suitable for material transport and high-pressure forced ventilation. their blades are forward-curved; the diameter of its blade wheels varies from 400mm to 1600mm; its air volume can be up to 120000m3/h; and its total pressure is up to 16000Pa.

3. T4-72 and 4-79 Series Centrifugal Fans:
The T4-72 and 4-79 series centrifugal fans are typically designed for general ventilation applications. The blades of them are backward-curved type; the diameters of blade wheels varies from 300mm to 2000mm; their air volume can be as much as 430000m3/h; and their total pressure is up to 3000Pa

4. GY4-73 and Y5-48 Series Centrifugal Fans:
The GY4-73 and Y5-48 series centrifugal fans are specially designed to work together with industrial and civilian boilers. The diameters of their blade wheels range from 800mm to 2950mm; their air volume can be as much as 850000m3/h; and their maximum total pressure is 5500Pa.

5. C6-48 Series Dusting Fan
The C6-48 dusting fan is typically used for dust collecting and ventilation in industrial and civilian textile industries. The diameter of its blade wheel varies from 320mm to 1250mm; its air volume can be up to 100000m3/h; and its total pressure can be as high as 3000Pa.

The centrifugal fan is mainly used in the ventilation system of paper industry.

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