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Applications of Heat Recovery System

We have provided many heat recovery solutions for customers both at home and abroad.

1. Our Customers of Heat Recovery System:

Client Name Country Paper Type Width/Vehicle Speed Supply Equipments
Meilun Paper Co., Ltd. of Shouguang City China Copperplate paper   Heat recovery system
Chenming Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. of Zhanjiang City China Culture paper, toilet paper     Heat recovery system
Guangzhou Wanlida Paper Product Co., Ltd China Kraft liner board paper 5760/850   Heat recovery system

2. Applications of Heat Recovery System:
Since 1998, we have provided Shandong Chenming Paper Group with heat recovery systems, and every year, our heat recovery system helps Shouguang Meilun Paper Co., Ltd to save as much as 260,000tons steam in its 800,000t/y copperplate paper project.

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