Paper Making Machine

Zheng Da Qing Ke Hi-tech Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of paper production line, drying and ventilation equipment and paper pulp machine in China.

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Paper Coating

Paper coating is about printability or formation of specific surface layers for the intended use of the paper or paper-board. The various combinations of paper coating and printing technologies set highly specific requirements to the properties of the coated paper, requiring precisely formulated and applied coating chemicals. Nopco is a major supplier of lubricants and anti-dusting agents. We also offer a broad range of organic paper coating additives. These include wax-dispersions for increased hydrophobicity, insolubilizers to improve tolerance to moisture at printing, defoamers to avoid formation of craters from air-bubbles and thereby improve surface smoothness, biocides/preservation agents to prevent microbiological decay of coating components and microbial related problems at the coating application, as well as silicones for silicone coated papers.

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