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Zheng Da Qing Ke Hi-tech Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of paper production line, drying and ventilation equipment and paper pulp machine in China.

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Paper was first created and used over three thousand years ago. The development of rapid paper production of during the Middle Ages caused significant cultural changes across the world. It allowed for the quick and economical distribution of thoughts and ideas through books, newspapers, pamphlets and even letters. Today, global demand for paper is rising, making paper more prevalent and important now than ever before.

There are few materials with the versatility of paper. While most noticeably used in writing and printing, paper is also found in packaging, construction and a variety of other mediums. Paper is produced by pressing and drying fibers into thin and flexible sheets. These fibers are normally cellulose based and derived from wood, grasses or even rags.

Logging provides much of the raw material for paper production, but modern advances in recycling, agriculture and forestry have made sourcing the materials for paper production sustainable. In addition, new technological developments in bleaching and manufacturing have made the actual production of paper more environmentally friendly.

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